Choosing the right platform for your online store

Jennifer Hudson
January 10, 2020

Get to know the main bennefits and disadvantadges of Shopify, Tienda Nube, Woocommerce and Vtex

Choosing the right e-commerce platform is a critical decision for any online business. Selecting the wrong technology can cause you, at the least, a loss of time and money. This comprehensive comparison between Tienda Nube, Shopify, Vtex, and WooCommerce will help you understand which best fits your needs, based on logistics/shipping operators, payment gateways, marketing tools, available integrations, cost, technical support, scalability, customization, and ease of use.

Logistics / Shipping Operators

Tienda Nube: Offers integrations with major logistics operators in Latin America, facilitating shipping and tracking directly from the platform.

Shopify: Has a wide network of global logistic integrations, including its own Shopify Fulfillment Network, which automates shipping for stores of all sizes. In Latin America, it may require some custom integration with another provider.

Vtex: Its strength in unified commerce allows advanced integrations with logistics operators, offering robust solutions for inventory and complex logistics management.

WooCommerce: Being a WordPress plugin, it depends on extensions for logistical management. There are multiple plugins available for integrating shipping services, but manual configuration is required.

Payment Gateways

Tienda Nube: Supports various popular payment gateways in Latin America, including MercadoPago, TodoPago, and PayU, facilitating transactions in local currency.

Shopify: Offers its own payment gateway, Shopify Payments, in addition to supporting a wide variety of third parties like PayPal, Stripe, Mercado Pago, and more, with ease of global integration.

Vtex: Provides integrations with a large number of payment gateways, focused on offering solutions for large-scale businesses with complex transaction needs.

WooCommerce: WooCommerce's flexibility allows the integration of virtually any payment gateway through plugins, from global options to specific local solutions.

Marketing Tools

Tienda Nube: Includes basic marketing and SEO tools, with options to integrate third-party applications to expand its capabilities.

Shopify: Excels with integrated advanced marketing tools, including SEO, email marketing, and social media analytics, plus a vast app store.

Vtex: Its enterprise focus offers powerful personalized marketing tools and campaign management, aimed at large volumes of operations and global audiences.

WooCommerce: Being highly customizable, it allows the integration of any marketing tool through plugins, offering great freedom to implement digital marketing strategies.

Available Integrations

Tienda Nube: Has a limited number of integrations compared to Shopify and Vtex but covers well the basic needs of an emerging e-commerce in Latin America.

Shopify: Boasts one of the most extensive libraries of integrations available, from marketing apps to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Vtex: Offers advanced integrations for large businesses, with an emphasis on customization and scalability to meet complex business requirements.

WooCommerce: WordPress's open-source nature allows for a wide range of integrations through plugins, from niche-specific solutions to enterprise tools.


Tienda Nube: Offers economical plans ideal for startups and small businesses in Latin America, with a good balance between cost and functionalities.

Shopify: Has plans ranging from solutions for entrepreneurs to options for large enterprises, with additional costs for external apps and transaction fees if Shopify Payments is not used.

Vtex: Aimed at large businesses and corporations, its solutions are more expensive, reflecting its focus on scalability and advanced customization.

WooCommerce: Being a free WordPress plugin, it incurs costs for hosting, premium themes, and plugins for additional functionalities.

Technical Support

Tienda Nube: Provides support in Spanish, focused on the Latin market, with limited resources compared to global competitors.

Shopify: Offers 24/7 support via chat, phone, and email, with an extensive knowledge base and an active community.

Vtex: Its support is more technical and suitable for resolving complex challenges, with customized support options for large accounts.

WooCommerce: Being open-source, support comes from forums and the WordPress community, with additional support available through paid services.


Tienda Nube: Suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, it may face limitations scaling to a large volume of international sales.

Shopify: Excellent for businesses of all sizes, capable of handling traffic and sales peaks smoothly.

Vtex: Its platform is designed for scalability, supporting large volumes of transactions and complex operations.

WooCommerce: Highly scalable depending on the chosen hosting and optimizations made, can support both small and large e-commerce operations.


Tienda Nube: Offers a decent level of customization for emerging businesses, though limited for advanced customizations without own development.

Shopify: Allows extensive customization through its app marketplace and code access, balancing ease of use with flexibility.

Vtex: Offers unparalleled customization, ideal for brands seeking a tailor-made solution for their specific needs.

WooCommerce: Customization is virtually unlimited, thanks to its open-source nature and the extensive selection of plugins and themes.

Ease of Use

Tienda Nube: Its interface is intuitive and easy to use, designed for users without prior technical experience.

Shopify: Stands out for its usability, offering a simplified user experience that facilitates store management.

Vtex: Has a steeper learning curve due to its advanced capabilities, geared towards users with experience or access to developers.

WooCommerce: Requires basic knowledge of WordPress and a learning curve for deeper configurations and customizations.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each solution caters to the needs of different users.

If you are starting a venture in Latin America and do not have the support of a team, Tienda Nube seems to be the best solution. It allows you to build an online store with all the essential components quickly and easily.

If your business has more volume, and you are looking to take your online store to the next level, optimizing every stage of the purchase process, maximizing your revenue, and differentiating from your competition, we suggest using Shopify.

WooCommerce can be an intermediate solution between Tienda Nube and Shopify, but it requires a bit more knowledge about WordPress to ensure that the site functions effectively, does not crash, etc.

If your company handles very large sales volumes, and your logistics operations are very complex, the ideal would be to turn to a solution like Vtex.

We hope this analysis is helpful to you. If you would like to take your commerce to the next level, do not hesitate to contact us!