Increase the AOV of your online store by 70%

Jennifer Hudson
January 10, 2020

8 tips for improving your online store average order value today

In today's competitive market, making your product or service profitable represents one of the biggest challenges for companies. It's not enough to attract consumers' attention; guiding them through the entire purchasing process—from initial interest to the final decision—effectively and efficiently is essential. But what happens once you manage to close a sale? This is where the real game begins. Maximizing the value of each transaction becomes the main goal.

From Programon, we want to share with you 8 proven methodologies that you can apply today on your website to increase your average ticket size by up to 70%. But that's not all; we will also highlight how an omnichannel strategy can enrich the shopping experience and, as a result, motivate consumers to spend more. Let’s start!

1. Cross-Selling

How does it work? By offering related or complementary products during the purchasing process, you can significantly increase the total value of the cart. This method not only improves the customer experience by suggesting items they might need, but also increases your sales.

Example: In Pull & Bear clothing store, proposing the user to complete the look with complementary products is a smart way to implement cross-selling. In a service business, it might be complementary services. For example, a website development together with ongoing SEO.

Pull & Bear Cross-Selling feature

2. Upselling

How does it work? Encourage customers to consider more premium or advanced versions of the product they are about to buy. Highlighting additional benefits and enhanced features can persuade the buyer to opt for the higher-priced product.

Example: Apple offers different up-selling features for the MacBook Pro, such as better storage, power adapter, screen size or memory. The same applies for services. For example, a photography photo session might have plans of 10, 15 or 20 pictures.

MacBook Pro Upselling Features

3. Volume Discounts

How does it work? Motivate purchasing in larger quantities by offering progressive discounts. This not only increases sales but also builds customer loyalty by offering a better price for buying more.

Example: Chubbies store offers the volume discount “Buy 2+ Full Price Swim Trunks, Get $10 Off”. The same applies for services. For example, buy 3 photography sessions for the price of 2.

Chubbies Volume Discount Feature

4. Bundling

How does it work? Create bundle offers by combining products or services at a more attractive price than if purchased separately. This strategy can be especially effective when the products in the bundle complement each other.

Example: Nike offers its users to buy a complete look with a special discount. The same concept applies for services. For example, an event photography package that includes a photo session, albums, and a summary video at a special price.

Nike Bundles Feature

5. Gamification

How does it work? Introduce gaming elements to encourage larger purchases in exchange for rewards. Points, levels, and awards can make the purchasing process more interactive and fun, encouraging spending more to achieve certain benefits.

Example: Bermies encourages users to reach a minimum of $150 to get free shipping. The same could be applied with discounts, prices, or whatever improves the experience.

Bermies Cart: Gamification

6. Omnichannel Strategy

How does it work? Integrating an omnichannel strategy means offering a cohesive and seamless shopping experience across multiple channels and platforms. From the physical store to the website, through social media, and customer service, each point of contact must be aligned and consistent.

Benefit: By providing an omnichannel shopping experience, not only does it improve customer satisfaction, but you also increase opportunities for cross-selling, upselling, and loyalty. Customers can start their journey on one channel and complete it on another, always with a positive and unified experience.

Omnichannel Strategy

7. Personalization

How does it work? Use data and behavioral analytics to offer personalized recommendations. This strategy makes the customer feel unique and understood, increasing the likelihood of making additional purchases.

Example: Suggest products based on previous purchases or the customer's website browsing.

Netflix Recommendations Feature

8. Loyalty Programs

How does it work? Loyalty programs reward customers for their repeated purchases, encouraging them to continue choosing your brand. Offering points, exclusive discounts, or special benefits for reaching certain spending levels can motivate customers to increase their average ticket size.

Example: A program that grants a permanent discount once the customer surpasses a total spending threshold.

Smile Loyalty Feature


Increasing your customers' average ticket size is not just about persuading them to spend more on each purchase; it's about improving their shopping experience, offering additional value, and building a relationship of trust and loyalty. By implementing these strategies, you can not only increase your revenue but also strengthen your brand in the market.

At Programon, we are dedicated to helping you achieve these goals through innovative digital solutions. If you're ready to transform your website and your sales strategy, contact us. Together, we can design a shopping experience that not only increases your average ticket size but also delights your customers.

Thank you for reading, and we hope this article has inspired you to take actions that transform your business!