Triple your website's conversion rate.

Jennifer Hudson
January 10, 2020

Tricks and tips to effectively transform your visitors into buyers.

“More advertising to increase sales” is a common mantra in the business world. However, before opening your wallet, let's consider a more efficient strategy.

Imagine your website with a conversion rate of 1%, that is, only 1 out of every 100 visitors makes a purchase. If your goal is to achieve 5 sales, you could choose to increase traffic to your site or, more wisely, optimize your conversion rate to 5%. Selecting the latter is not only more cost-effective, but also potentially increases your sales significantly.

This article not only underscores the importance of optimizing existing traffic but guides you through the crucial elements of a landing page designed to convert. The psychology behind these strategies is universal, applicable to both online stores and service pages. Experts summarize it with the acronym ATIDCOA:


he 'Hero' section is your introduction. In under 5 seconds, it should succinctly convey your main benefit and value proposition, guiding visitors on their next steps. This should be reinforced with testimonials and endorsements to bolster your credibility. A compelling, relevant image is essential. For example, Huel effectively communicates its main benefits in the title and subtitle, provides a clear call to action, builds trust with review scores and magazine mentions, and showcases the product with high-quality images.

Huel Hero: Attention


Describe your customers' journey in three clear steps, from the moment they arrive at your site until they experience the value of your offer. Simplicity is key; too many steps can overwhelm and deter potential customers.

CRO Steps


Highlight the primary benefits and unique features of your product or service. Keep this content focused and direct to communicate value effectively.

Webflow benefits section


Through real testimonials, reviews, and user-generated content, demonstrate the positive impact of your offer. This tangible evidence not only validates your promises but also creates a sense of urgency and belonging.

Hue: Desire Section


A comparative table can advantageously illustrate how your offer surpasses alternatives without the need to directly name your competitors.

Novolabs Comparison Chart


Anticipate possible doubts or concerns with a FAQ section, instant chat, and highlighting important aspects like payment methods and security.

Programon Homepage FAQS


Finally, capture the interest of your visitors with a persuasive message that invites them to act. It's time to turn that interest into a purchase decision.

Programon CTA

Additional elements for conversion

Including elements of urgency, such as discounts or limited stock notices, and highlighting aspects of security and social proof can strengthen the purchase decision. FOMO (fear of missing out) is also an effective tactic, showing other consumers who have already made their purchase.


Turning visitors into buyers is a process that can be significantly optimized with a well-designed landing page. The ATIDCOA structure offers a framework for creating pages that not only attract but convert, making the most of every visit. Remember, optimization is an ongoing journey. To delve even deeper into effective strategies, don't miss our next article on “The Ideal Email Marketing Campaign for 2024”. If you're ready to take your conversion rate to the next level, we invite you to complete our contact form. In just 3 minutes, we can begin to design a personalized plan for you.